Craftsman training school

School for Craftsman

We will teach Japanese building techniques

In the construction industry, the number of craftsmen is decreasing year by year due to lack of manpower, aging of technicians, and lack of attractiveness of the industry.
It is said that there will be a shortage of more than 350,000 people in 2025.
Originally, Japanese architecture is one of the things that are highly evaluated overseas, such as Japanese unique technology, design, performance, and culture.
We believe that Japan’s unique Japanese architecture is a wonderful thing to keep for many years to come, and we want many people to know its wonderfulness and charm.
K.W.Design conveys the charm of Japanese architecture, We also run a school business to give many people the joy and excitement of becoming a Japanese architect.
The instructors will be carefully taught from the basics by space designers who supervise Bombie Girls and active craftsmen.
In addition, in the Japanese space design business, we also go to the client’s site where we actually have a request, and we also provide on-site training.
Feel free to contact us if you are a Japanese architect and would like to expand your unique Japanese construction technology and culture not only in Japan but also overseas.



Now recruiting students!

We are looking for students with this feeling.-我々はこんな想いを持った生徒を募集しています。
・I want to learn world-class Japanese building technology and be active in the world.

・I want to learn about Japan’s wonderful technology and culture.

・I want to succeed in Japan.

・I want to learn construction skills in Japan and bring back the technology to my home country.






School contents

Content of study:Japanese architecture basic learning
On-site training: Yes
Period:6month course


※We plan to recruit students once every six months.

We are always looking for students.Please feel free to contact us.